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What now? Give up? Or Rebuild? -

There’s no other way to say it. The election results were a disaster for what we believe in. Donald Trump is the President of the United States. That’s not a new reality TV show tagline. It’s real.

Far-right forces now control the three branches of government and the hope of a fair Supreme Court is slipping away.

We could slink off in defeat; Move to another country; Tinker with our outdated tactics and hope that somehow shields us.

However, what we need to do is get back up and start organizing our next move

ADA Endorsements and Action -

ADA and ADA Chapters around the country are in full election mode. We are educating voters, holding candidate's feet to the fire, and working to WIN on our issues this fall. See ADA's 2016 Endorsements HERE. Check out your local ballot with ADA recommendations HERE. Get involved today at a chapter near you or email ADA National Field Director Rebecca Gomer to find out how you can help. And just in time for the election ADA releases its latest ADA Voting Record. See how your Senators and Representative score and vote accordingly!

Join us at ADA's 2016 Awards Banquet -

Wednesday, September 14, 2016, Phoenix Park Hotel, 520 N. Capitol Street, Washington, DC. 6-9pm

Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) has the distinct honor of celebrating progressive leaders for over 69 years at our annual awards banquet.  It has been our privilege to honor liberal giants like Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senator Bernie Sanders, and Senator Sherrod Brown, and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich.  The 2016 honorees are:  

Former Congresswoman and former ADA President Lynn Woolsey is a true champion of progessive values. Fight for $15, a groundbreaking movement for workers, and AFT President Randi Weingarten, a workers' rights champion.

More Information and Registration HERE. Purchase Journal Ads HERE.

ADA Celebrates and Activates on Civil Rights! -

Led by our Southeastern PA Chapter, ADA had an amazing event in Philadelphia on Wednesday, July 27th. We honored ADA's historic role in civil rights, honored former ADA President Rep. John Lewis, and welcomed special guests Rep. Keith Ellison, sports icon Kareem Adul-Jabbar and so many others. We look forward to moving forward on civil rights actions with all of you.

ADA Endorses Clinton, Vows to Defeat Trump and Win Progressive Majorities -

Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) released the following statement today detailing the ADA National Board’s endorsement of Secretary Hillary Clinton for President of the United States:

“As Americans for Democratic Action we stand for a liberalism that moves with the times.”

Those words are the opening to Americans for Democratic Action’s founding statement drafted almost 70 years ago by such iconic political figures as Eleanor Roosevelt, Hubert Humphrey, and Walter Reuther. They could not be truer today.

With less than 100 days until the general election, we at American’s for Democratic Action have been faced with a choice. Not a choice between the major party candidates for President. Frankly, that point was not even debated. Rather, a choice between holding tight our faithful beliefs in the progressive platform we hold dear and have fought for long before Senator Bernie Sanders gave it a wide voice, or to take a leap of faith in what many may see as the recently converted progressivism represented in Secretary Clinton’s Democratic Party platform and nomination acceptance speech.

Looking back again to our earliest days, we connect with these words: “Liberalism is a demanding faith. It rests neither on a set of dogmas nor on a blue-print but is rather a spirit which each generation of liberals must learn to apply to the needs of its own time.”

And so, we must demand of our liberal faith equal parts rigidity and flexibility as we overwhelmingly endorse Secretary Hillary Clinton for President of the United States while steadfastly supporting through education, mobilization, and accountability on our Pillars of Progress represented below.

We seek an end to corporate dominance of our government including rejecting the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and reigning in continued Wall Street excesses.

We seek an end to the fruitless and often life destroying “war” on drugs.

We seek an end to the seemingly endless cycle of war that damages our standing the world and adds to instability at home and abroad.

We seek an end to college debt that inhibits the search for higher education and the transition into the workforce so vital to economic growth and stability both individually and as a nation.

We seek an end to the lack of good job opportunities by making investment a critical part of our national economic plan.

We seek an end to outrageous healthcare costs by supporting the strengthening of existing state and federal healthcare systems and a transition to a Medicare for All system.

We seek an end to the undemocratic practice of suppressing American voices in the political process in favor of expanded voting opportunities for all.

And, we seek to work towards all of these goals with Secretary Clinton but with the understanding that we and those of like minds will need to work hard to create a national public and political environment that commands her attention and action.

Doing anything less would be to effectively endorse the potentially chaotic and damaging future that a Donald Trump presidency would most assuredly bring to our country.

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