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ADA Mocks Trump's Swamp Draining Ruse -

Protect Public Education from DeVos -

Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as Secretary of Education. This is not the End! Organize and take action ProtectEducation.org

We Marched! Now What? -

We Rebuild! The Resistance will not last one day, one march, or even one year. Learn, share, grow with us. ADA has a plan to Resist and Rebuild and the experience to do it right. Join us by becoming a Resistor today.

ADA Welcomes New President -

ADA is proud to announce that Pennsylvania State Senator Daylin Leach (D-17th District) will be the next president of Americans for Democratic Action. His proven leadership and stellar record on progressive issues makes him an ideal choice to lead ADA into our work resisting Trump, recruiting the next generation of liberal leaders and activists, and rebuilding progressive infrastructure around the country.

What now? Give up? Or Rebuild? -

There’s no other way to say it. The election results were a disaster for what we believe in. Donald Trump is the President of the United States. That’s not a new reality TV show tagline. It’s real.

Far-right forces now control the three branches of government and the hope of a fair Supreme Court is slipping away.

We could slink off in defeat; Move to another country; Tinker with our outdated tactics and hope that somehow shields us.

However, what we need to do is get back up and start organizing our next move

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