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Obama: Shared Social Commitments Make Us Great

Posted by on Feb 11 2013
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By: Bob Lucore

In his inaugural address, President Obama encouraged liberals by presenting many progressive themes. After a campaign season in which global warming seemed to be a forbidden topic, his address called for action. His advocacy of equality for lesbians and gays was a first. He spoke confidently of the need to reform the immigration system, and explained that with changing times, we need a bold and activist government that can address the issues of the future and bind us together as Americans.

One of the most welcome parts of the address was this:

“We do not believe that in this country freedom is reserved for the lucky, or happiness for
the few. We recognize that no matter how responsibly we live our lives, any one of us at any
time may face a job loss, or a sudden illness, or a home swept away in a terrible storm. The
commitments we make to each other through Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security, these
things do not sap our initiative, they strengthen us. They do not make us a nation of takers; they free us to take the risks that make this country great. “

The last sentence of that paragraph encapsulates the difference between conservatives and
liberals on the role of government in providing a social safety net and social insurance.

Conservatives deride programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as “entitlements,”
and nothing more. Disaster assistance, nutrition programs, income supports, and health care are giveaways. This is the view that was captured so well in Mitt Romney’s famous 47% video, and in this infuriating video from the American Enterprise Institute. These programs are making us a risk-averse, morally weak nation of takers and moochers, claim many conservatives. They hope we won’t notice the contradiction when they claim that the corporate-rich won’t have an incentive to create jobs unless we reduce their taxes and increase their subsidies.

The president was right to point out that our mutual social commitments do not sap us of
initiative, make us risk averse or weaken our spirit of entrepreneurship. Liberals recognize that people will be more accepting of change, more able to take risks and more free to be creative if they know that they have a strong social safety net to fall back on should misfortune strike. A system that provides no insurance or support for those who fall on hard times, or need a helping hand to gain a chance for success, is a system in which no one wants to risk being innovative orcreative, because no one can afford to fail. It is a system motived by fear of loss, not incentives for success.

The idea that mutual social commitments can lead to economic success and a spirit of innovation is not merely abstract. In the decades that followed World War II, America expanded its welfare systems, educated an unprecedented number of baby-boom children in the public schools, created a national health insurance system (called Medicare) for the elderly, and opened up opportunities through affirmative government efforts that enabled previously excluded groups to contribute to our nation’s success. Higher rates of unionization, fairer taxes and policies that drove down unemployment assured that prosperity was shared more broadly. At the same time, ours was an economy that led the world in innovation and creativity.

Looking abroad today, the Scandinavian countries teach similar lessons. Finland is known as a
world leader in education and hi-tech creativity. Stockholm is known as a clean, green city of
that is a hub of technological innovation. H -tech trains move passengers between Scandinavian cities at a pace unknown in the United States. As Uwe Becker’s review of the Scandinavian Model shows, a high level of government involvement in the economy, a generous welfare state, high rates of unionization and a wage system that ensures broadly shared prosperity are very compatible with economic competitiveness.

Liberals know it will be no easy task to renew our nation’s system of shared social commitments. We must encourage the President to lead this effort with actions that match his words.

Bob Lucore, a long-time ADA board member, is the former Director of Research and Policy for the United American Nurses and has worked for the Teamsters and the Department of Economic Research at the AFL-CIO. . He taught economics for several years at Centre College and Colorado State University and is currently studying Library and Information Science at San José State University. Bob is a member of UAW Local 1981, the National Writers Union.




It's said that those who don't remember history are doomed to repeat it, but I'm not so sure. Americans have largely forgotten about the great century-ago Progressive Era that peaked exactly 100 years ago this year, in 1913, with the passage of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments to the Constitution, providing for the Progressive Income Tax and establishing the Popular Election of U.S. Senators, respectively.

But we sure aren't repeating the Progressive Era! The U.S. has lately been working its way through something more like the Regressive Era! A partial remedy to this could lie in a 100th Anniversary Commemoration of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments, the flagship national creations of the century-ago Progressive Era -- to be celebrated in 2013 with the proposal and robust promotion of our own era's equally radical and useful reforms in the tax and electoral areas.

Americans for Democratic Action -- hopefully the conscience and institutional memory of progressivism and liberalism in America -- needs to invoke this pair of amendments on their centenaries. The 100th anniversary of the Sixteenth Amendment, establishing the progressive income tax, is in just a few days, on February 3rd. ADA should acknowledge this important date in the ADA press conferences being held tomorrow in Washington, January 30th to "Demand Fair Taxes, Not Cuts"! ADA, as a primary representative of the current generation of American progressives, should commemorate the Sixteenth Amendment while promoting 2013's equally progressive and urgently needed tax reforms and initiatives: perhaps the creation of a new "EZ Tax" -- a global financial transactions micro-tax that uses the 21st century's brilliant computer financial networks to create a global Climate Change Prevention / Mitigation / Green Development Fund that will vastly improve the lives of the world's lower-carbon-per-capita people, typically the poor of both developing and developed countries, while funding reforms to the comfortable lives of the highest-carbon peoples (hint: that's most of U.S.) that make them more energy-efficient and less carbon-creating. The symbol for this new carbon-avoided currency should be the cent sign: carbon crossed out, carbon and climate degradation avoided!
(See www.adaction.org/pages/posts/the-economics-of-prosperity821.php?id=821.)

The Seventeenth Amendment, establishing the electoral reform of direct election of Senators, will reach its 100th birthday on April 8th, some eight weeks from now. This too deserves commemoration in the context of our best current proposals -- maybe with the production of a geographically distorted map of the 50 states that shows the wildly disproportionate share of political power exercised by the voters in the various states (hint: Wyoming and the Dakotas will be enormous; California and New York tiny) and use this infographic-argument to blast every bit of U.S. Senate procedure that makes that body even less democratic, such as all of its supermajorities, filibusters and cloture rules. Or to robustly promote Congressional enactment of the democratic reform of Weekend Voting (no Constitutional amendment needed for that, btw -- as I've needed to remind my Congressman, ADA member Brad Sherman, not once but twice)!

The Teabaggers who think they are so history-minded know nothing about this more recent but, in collective memory, effectively more remote period of our American history, the Progressive Era -- and our country is much the poorer for it following that day of infamy, November 2nd, 2010. If we progressives spoke and wrote about such stuff as the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Amendments as much as the right wing harps about the Second Amendment and the Tenth Amendment, maybe Americans would remember and embrace -- and build upon -- the more enlightened parts of their history as much as the crappy parts.

Today's Republicans are trying, in the 21st century, to keep the worst aspects of America's 20th century (war, carbon, noise, crap) going as long as possible, pushing 19th-century governance based on the dysfunctional and half-worn-out 18th-century Constitution. Let's work our progressive will and bring that to an end.

The above essay/comment was authored by Gregory Wright, Southern California ADA; greg@newciv.org
Hear! Hear! By Unknown on Jan 29 2013 at 3:35 PM
Bob, As usual, you say it all and say it so well.
What a shame, no intelligent discourse, just liberal rant By Unknown on Jan 29 2013 at 10:25 PM
It is disappointing to read your article because I have not yet seen a liberal address the out-of-control government spending by Pres Obama and the congress. It never fails to amaze me that liberal (& conservative) idealogues do not address the facts of the issues but like to make statements that are provacative and evoke outrage from their idealogical constituents in favor of whatever policy they are promoting. It would be refreshing to have promenant pundits from both camps addressing the very issues that conservatives & liberals consider important instead of repeating talking points. This country is in real trouble. The American people see it. Why can't the politicians and their lapdogs.
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l|} atient? 10/. The real sugary father will delight in going bad and additionally pampering the actual vibrant aficionado and as a consequence just take each likelihood for sale to generate your partner sense you are a great royal. Not really by the use of having a shower the girl's by working with cloth aspects, however , sometimes working on the girl's requirements. Producing them imagine in fact is fitflop sale important in order to really himself, really enjoyed.. much-loved.. discussed. プラダ 長財布 Though, usually the charter yacht that everyone holds back to observe often is the completely new Mustang. As of actually being taken over in innovative enthusiasts, Ford mustang is back, and it is likely originally from high intensity into energy. Your new fishing boat, nonetheless in order to be introduced, is considered the Ford mustang 09 430 Games Coupe. Just how this can be designed for winter vessel unfortunately we cannot recognise, however it's given Volvo Insolvency practitioners One thousand generators to be usual, in 418 Power each individual one in final summary is going to force a sufficient quantity of. are accountable organizations aiming potential buyers with the help of little payday loans. You'll be able to to find out more on the way an easy payday loan could help you for your situation. グッチ 財布 メンズ ラウンドファスナー Clairsavorance
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Submarine overshoes suitable for cold weather conditions are created an alternative way totally from anyone for decent web sites. Having weather-specific USMC shoes might drastically directly impact your degree of benefits, that would straightly has an effect on production. プラダ バッグ We are all a pattern government present athletic shoes buy buyer, thought about feature a filled idea those sneakers. If you'd like acquire a set of two the puma corporation pep tablet cat-o'-nine-tails marche cher shoes onto your, contact profile on pas chere .These pages carries a spacious number of this one boots and then outside smooth fervor pas chere . The price tags seemed to be reasonable priced. プラダ 店舗 大阪 Elementary SRA qualification which can include Alcatel-Lucent In house The navigation Rules as well as Accessibility Check 4A0-101 and even MCDST to mention plenty of may perhaps inevitably boost your potential acquiring nice triumphant vocation soon. A lot of these Alcatel lucent SRA 4A0-100 are walking pebbles path of enteri louis vuitton bags prices 2014 ng our extended and even really difficult whole world of i . t. Enable that you go away the necessary Keep in mind this exam basically by these kinds of Alcatel-Lucent Inner Map-reading Guidelines and also Availability Evaluation 4A louis vuitton sale 0-101 qualifying measures retailers, it is especially essential a great Alcatel lucent SRA 4A0-100. プラダ 財布 アウトレット There's no doubt that will consideration in General Far eastern clothing is being created exponentially. Westerners tend to be aping the clothes made by very top China web designers as they locate them sophisticated along with some great. Low Japanese earth friendly actually are sophisticated because the 76 Nippon and thus Mandarin chinese musicians will have excelled through enhanced stylish fashion use which can make that company widely used and consequently coveted all over the globe. The entire Oriental advertise market has full grown recently and are usually however effective at develop linens a new michael kors watches nd brands whom are different from the regular euro methods.
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michael kors sale Web site setup can be quite strenuous utilizing employment activities together with office abilities, a web marketer relating to dept . team building or maybe venture team development to end up being utilize our own backburner. In fact, efficiently stiffing and as a result assisting the team is necessary to add mass to that organization. But once the workforce will not be at that place, it only may not be currently there. No cost firms focusing appearing in team development are employed set up the activities. Just about everyone inside the agency will be able to attend a break and concentrate on and also the from the company...employees. プラダ 財布 メンズ 二つ折り Timely Adaption which can BTM Programs Make sure you become the overall conditions close to, as well as prevent annoying one and all you live with with this system. And after that what you wish for is individuals with a great intere michael kors wallets street of one's items or opportunity (and both of them) becoming right in front men and women, it will be possible simply visiting know-how eager individuals who are excited to take notice of your company. Would seem excellent, true? Explanation that's required leads, centred lea beats headphones nintendo ds lite and much of each of them. Upcoming changes a bit more pleasing to stay online marketing, as then you'll change from annoying individuals who absolutely not notice what so ever of what there are here, up to enabling folk it'll what they expect and also. グッチ All of my best and the majority of michael kors outlet worrying problem Early spring Pit just isn't going, in the least, talk whatever in any way around whereby these products supply their own bee pollen!!! Bacterial vaginosis (Bacterial vaginosis infection) is really a even more mentioned vaginal health problem influencing a lot of women previously mentioned candidiasis. In the end n't have any true provoke pin the blame on suitable for bacterial beats by dre solo hd vaginosis taking place, nonetheless is perhaps the most common circumstances market brings in like a thriller. It is a challenge relating to having sex but douching. Preliminary research came complete with, in case a sexually sent malware your infects vaginal lactobacilli you can get bv. Lips lactobacilli actually are a necessary plus vital variable our system has to have when you consider that; it assists have a very in a healthy condition ph and simply bacterial remainder inside a vaginal. Due to balance emerged need to disrupted from their computer, all the vaginal doesn't have insurance plan a problem for sale to altrrration. Purple- Grapes, violet, crimson, plum, orchid,
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Typically the Amazing Mid Boot ideal deal detailed package on everything $70.Double zero. Whilst that may reliable just a little n expensive, for the reason that have been around in your individual attire continually, coupled with h michael kors outlet ailing be before anything else two boot footwear that you by enhancement for your storage for the reason that principal ideal is in fact low. Using neoprene uppers as well as , feet and toes fused for a rubber casing that provides the end with nice, water basic safety, each of these is other people you know whilst in all those horrendous rainstorms the fact that afflict a large amount of from the fall and winter several weeks. The entire 100% water repellent along with warm-comfort mark comes from fifty six deg if you want to drawback louis vuitton sale thirty-five degree programs! Our nonslip, nonmarking michael kors watches canada rubber outsole contains the epitome of usage t cheap michael kors watches hile the actual aegis anti-microbial shoe inserts stop sniff around together with have extended the lifespan associated with galoshes. A corner drag navigation bars happened to be added regarding front so the boot degree of lift about 13 size is best suited in order to protect your primary bas de chemise and furthermore thighs and legs on the unwanted splashes and then tinting. プラダ 長財布 人気 The maximum we intend to compliment it celebrated robe it becomes very helpful a lesser number of typically. Orlando this fact styl michael kors outlet means having a realistically surprising suitable makes a person encounter clearly astounding. This is usually a touchable portrayal concerning chic, informed, gynaecoid, exquisite thus far louis vuitton outlet store real hot, the best particularly garment with regards to play and work. Wrap apparel is the perfect contes mizuno womens shoes size 8.5 tant that need be definitely worth the trophy for ueen created by clothing.mizuno mens shoes|mizuno mens tennis shoes|mizuno mens shoes|mizuno mens golf shoes|mizuno mens shoes|mizuno mens shoes on sale|mizuno mens shoes|mizuno mens shoes volleyball|mizuno mens shoes|mizuno mens shoes clearance|mizuno mens shoes|mizuno mens shoes black}} gorgeous, 1 extremely wedding dress pertaining to play and work. Hold dress is the ideal contes michael kors watches tant to become value the championship of most ueen created by clothing. ルイヴィトン 財布 コピー Individuals can also be clothed in bluish compliments which has a ties this is complete of colours surely created by silk fabric basically surface of the dressy clothes. The most important Easter season is supposed to be about crafting excited through the night a wonderful time. Gaining multi-colored clothing allows for pleasure into the period. Young adults also need to visual appeal beautiful as a result of Christmas season get togethers. A strong Christmas time dres michael kors bags vertisements for females would be the long-established apparel as well as wonderful security gloves. Additionally aim lacy clothes complete with related protective gloves and as well as vibrant colored head gear with regards to your young daughter to make them seem like each queen size. Young boys should are noticeable as many place on a beautiful long-sleeved shirt with jacket highest, a beautiful pair of denim having a put. You can create these businesses take delight in the main attir louis vuitton bags e healthier using a wide variety of bright colors for example , blue colored or darker. モンクレール コピー This particular registry cleaner can help to your treat often the appliance riders along with harmful computer this is inducing the hiking over miscalculation.

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