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Cyber Sisters: Ed Fund's New Website

Posted by Will Rice (will) on Aug 05 2011 at 12:37 PM
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By Cheryl C. Kagan

The ADA Education Fund is a proud sister organization of Americans for Democratic Action.  Our values are the same, our address is the same, and our commitment to making a difference is the same.  Our mission and tax status differ...and now so do our websites!

Unlike ADA, which can advocate for legislation and take positions on issues, the Ed Fund must be scrupulously faithful to its name.  Our work hinges around the need to educate policymakers, the press, and the general public about progressive stances on important issues facing our country.  

In pursuit of that goal, we’ve been hosting monthly Congressional briefings this year on topics ranging from youth unemployment to marriage equality.  Our post-election symposium at Harvard in November 2010 provided a chance to hear from consultants, commentators, and elected officials about the implications of the momentous midterms.  We are currently reviewing scholars’ applications for the prestigious Galbraith Fellowships we sponsor.

In order to enhance our visibility and maintain a prudent online distance from our colleagues at ADA, the ADA Ed Fund has launched its own Facebook page, Twitter handle, and perhaps most importantly, website.  It is a graphically pleasing, easy-to-navigate site full of key information on Ed Fund programs and events.  It offers plenty of ways to interact and contribute, so I hope you’ll visit soon (www.ADAEdFund.org)!

While there will always be links between our our organizations (and between our websites!), it’s important that the Education Fund continue to develop a presence and personality distinct from our affectionate sister, ADA.


There is a lot of information elsewhere in this issue about the Fund’s Congressional briefings, but I wanted to make sure to thank Congresswoman and ADA president Lynn Woolsey for her assistance in making these events possible. Her office has arranged for  space and facilities, encouraged attendance from Congressional offices and in general made the Ed Fund feel at home on Capitol Hill.

Cheryl C. Kagan is Executive Director of the ADA Education Fund, and a long-time member of the ADA National Board.