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ADA Vote Chart Shows Polarized Congress; Dependable Liberals in Both Houses

Posted Feb 09 2011 at 3:24 PM
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ADA's annual political ratings of members of Congress confirms that Congress is more divided than ever along liberal - conservative lines.

See for yourself who the 98 House Democrats are that received a 100% rating and the 75 Republicans that scored 0% (voting against every single progressive initiative). Find the most liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats.

ADA has produced the annual vote analysis since 1947, not long after the organization was founded by Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, former Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey and New Frontier leaders economist John Kenneth Galbraith and historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr., among others.

The selected votes in this year's ADA analysis included roll call votes on several economic issues, family and medical leave, defense and foreign policy, energy and the environment, human rights and reproductive choice.

Check out the new 2009 ADA Voting Record today and see how your Representatives scored!

Political Analysis:  2009 Mirrors 1961.  Check out our blog on the Huffington Post!

You can also get your own score, by taking the ADA How Liberal Are You quiz!

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