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ADA Pushes Congress to Address Unemployment Crisis

Posted Sep 08 2009 at 4:46 PM
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 ADA launched today an intensive effort to address growing unemployment.

“The first step is to extend unemployment insurance for the thousands of unemployed workers who will run out of benefits beginning this month,” said Michael J. Wilson, ADA’s National Director.

ADA’s former President, Representative Jim McDermott (D-WA), has introduced HR. 3404 to extend benefits an additional 13 weeks for workers in states where the overall unemployment rate is at or above 9%; as of today, 20 states would qualify.  The legislation would continue provisions in the Recovery Act that are now set to phase out at the end of the year, including modest temporary increases in the weekly compensation.  The bill would also provide Emergency Unemployment Compensation, which provides up to 33 weeks of extended benefits to workers exhausting their regular unemployment benefits.

Wilson continued: “This vital legislation would provide a temporary extension of unemployment benefits to thousands of Americans that have reached the end of their financial rope.

“ADA is sending a letter to every Member of Congress urging them to support the unemployment benefits extension.  We have created a letter to the editor campaign and we are also organizing ADA members nationwide to engage in local action to increase awareness of the unemployment crisis.”

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