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Protect Social Security

The Big Picture

Social Security is the most successful prosperity program in history: it's rescued hundreds of millions of Americans from the want and fear that was once the common experience of aging, widowhood and disability. It's the collective contribution of all working America that spreads the benefits and risks, and keeps the system strong.

Fact Check

  • The average annual Social Security benefit is $14,000; 95% of recipients receive less than $2,000 a month
  • Even so, it provides more than half the income of 64% of senior recipients. 40% rely almost entirely on Social Security in retirement
  • Social Security will run a surplus till 2023
  • With no changes, Social Security can pay full benefits until 2036, and even thereafter, 77% of currently scheduled benefits.

Privatization Endangers Social Security

Private accounts strip away the collective security that is the bedrock of the system, exposing individuals to market fraud and collapse, endangering their ability to live their lives in comfort, dignity and peace. More immediately, diverting payroll taxes into private accounts deprives Social Security of the money it needs to pay current beneficiaries, endangering their lives and well-being.

Let's Strengthen the Program, Not Weaken It

Simple, common sense solutions can ensure Social Security will be there for generations to come, without cutting benefits or endangering the solvency of the system. These include making sure high-salaried workers pay their fair share and diversifying the trust fund’s investments.

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