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Immigration Reform

The presence of 12 million undocumented workers in the US reflects employers’ demand for workers combined with insufficient opportunities for legal immigration.  Yet policies applied to legal immigration and policies applied to undocumented immigrants have become conflated, despite presenting entirely different concerns. While too few legal immigrants are being admitted today, undocumented workers have been subject to abuse in the workplace and in our prisons.  At the same time, the nation has yet to devise a temporary worker program that does not expose the immigrants to workplace and community discrimination and harassment. The workers have a well-founded fear of deportation if they complain of abuse.  Policies to address the needs of these two kinds of immigrants must be treated separately and distinctly.

  • Promote family unification as a top priority for legal immigration. “Merit,” skills, advanced degrees, and being an English-speaker should no longer be preference categories.
  • Admit much larger numbers of legal immigrants each year. Criteria for granting asylum and refugee status should include various kinds of social and cultural oppression, abjuring racism and nativism.
  • Affirm the full and inviolable citizenship of children born in the US, regardless of the immigration status of their parents.
  • Enforce the constitutional rights and economic entitlements of all people residing in the US, regardless of US citizenship and immigration status. Raids and roundups that criminalize undocumented workers must stop, and the right of undocumented immigrants to equal treatment in prison must be enforced.
  • Enforce the right of undocumented immigrants to participate in unions and to the benefit of all labor rights.

Latest ADAction

U.S. citizens and legal permanent resident can sponsor their spouses and other family members under the Immigration and Nationality Act.  Unless you're spouse is the same sex.  Same-sex partners of U.S citizens are not considered legal spouses and are therefore excluded from family-based immigration rules.

The Uniting American Families Act would amend immigration law so that same-sex families torn apart by this injustice can be reunited. 

ADAction: Email your Representative and Senators and tell them to support the Uniting American Families Act.


Justice in Immigration Reform

Economic and Social Justice for Immigrants