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Good American Jobs

The Big Picture

In 1933 President Hoover signed the Buy America Act to ensure that American-made goods and materials have preference over imported products with respect to government procurement and infrastructure projects. Including Buy American provisions in job creating legislation is the most effective way to vastly improve the stimulative effect of government spending on the economy. For this reason, Buy American provisions should continue to be utilized in legislation so that the American manufacturing base can thrive and so that more working families can secure good jobs and contribute to the overall welfare of the nation.

Fact Check

Despite overwhelming public support, Buy American campaigns and legislation are continuously met with stiff opposition from the conservative media conglomerates, corporate lobbyists, consumer drive to purchase cheap and accessible products and gridlock in Washington.

As witnessed during the debate surrounding the Buy American clause in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, well-funded and powerful individuals and groups will weaken and/or eliminate Buy American provisions through massive misinformation campaigns and scare tactics. Fox News contributors such as John Stossel continuously claim that Buy American provisions are “dumb ideas” and “cost jobs and make us all poorer.” Powerful lobbies such as the US Chamber of Commerce and trade associations devote countless resources to kill legislative action. And the nation’s largest retailers continue to import 85 percent of their products from non-US manufacturers. Wal Mart alone is the largest single importer of Chinese goods, accounting for 15% of total imports of Chinese consumer products!

ADA and Working Families Win in Action -- Despite these powerful forces, progressives have a potentially equally powerful force on our side – the American public. Poll after poll shows overwhelmingly support for Buy American provisions in legislation. A 2009 poll commissioned by the Alliance for American Manufacturing, found that “84 percent of Americans favored ‘Buy America’ requirements in The Recovery Act and only 11 percent of Americans opposed.”

This Independence Day Working Families Win encourages you to Invest in America and have a Made in America cook out. Working Families Win volunteers from across the country are making the pledge to buy American-made products for cook outs and gatherings this Independence Day. Click here to join with us!

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