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Iraq, Afghanistan and International Diplomacy

The Bush administration abandoned its commitment to the people of Afghanistan and engaged the US in an unnecessary war of choice in Iraq that has severely damaged America’s moral standing in the world, multiplied support for terrorists, and depleted our military so we are unprepared to meet real future threats or to engage in peacekeeping activities. The Iraq war demonstrates that military action can make us less safe. The Bush administration shunned international agreements and diplomacy, dividing the world into countries we communicate with and enemy countries with which we will not speak, or with which we will speak under limited circumstances, especially if they concede negotiating positions as a condition for diplomatic relations. ADA calls upon the Obama administration to:

• Open diplomatic relations and unconditional multilateral negotiations with any country, and oppose military action or threats of military action.
• Withdraw US troops from Iraq promptly, leaving no remaining US military bases. The vast sums we are spending for the Iraq war -- $10 billion every month – impedes necessary investment in our own country.
• Take adequate care of our returning veterans, who have borne the brunt of our misguided policies. ADA commends the 110th Congress for its passage of a decent GI Bill for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, despite opposition from the Bush administration.
• Shift US foreign policy to increase action through multinational organizations, such as the United Nations and NATO.
• In cooperation with other nations, increase support for nonproliferation and controls on weapons of mass destruction. The US must increase the use of incentives to enhance dialogue with other countries.
• Become a responsible world leader on issues of global concern, such as global warming, the environment, labor rights, income inequality, world hunger, public health, and gender equality.

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