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Fair Trade

ADA strongly opposes trade policies that put the profits of multinational corporations ahead of the prosperity, needs and rights of workers, here and abroad; threaten our environment and human health; undermine democracy through secret negotiations; and usurp popular sovereignty through treaty provisions that allow corporations to overturn local laws. The establishment wings of both political parties—indebted as they are to corporate political contributions—tend to support these flawed trade pacts, making popular opposition more difficult to express through the legislative process.

Even as American workers and society continue to reel from NAFTA, CAFTA and other deals modeled on them, 

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal

In November 2015, they finally released the secret trade deal text. Here’s the bottom line: the TPP may benefit some Wall Street executives and other corporate elites, but it is a disaster for America’s working families and it must be stopped. Here’s just a few examples of how the TPP will undercut jobs and wages:

  • The TPP forces U.S. employers into competition with companies exploiting workers in places like Vietnam, where the minimum wage is just a third of what it is in China’s manufacturing centers, and Malaysia, where an estimated one-third of all electronics workers are victims of human trafficking.
  • The TPP enables products assembled from parts made in “third party” countries that are not subject to any TPP obligations, such as China, to enter the U.S. duty-free, undercutting U.S. manufacturing.
  • The TPP includes procurement provisions effectively barring Buy American and Buy Local government purchasing preferences.
  • The TPP includes controversial investor-state dispute resolution (ISDS) provisions that make it safer — and, in fact, create incentives — for U.S. firms to offshore jobs to foreign countries where they can exploit low-wage labor under privileged foreign investor status rather than be forced to deal with the countries’ regulator processes and courts.
  • We also know that the TPP fails include the currency safeguards demanded by a bipartisan majority in Congress that would prevent known currency manipulators like Vietnam, Japan and Malaysia from devaluing their currencies to gain an unfair trade advantage over U.S. employers.

The only good news about the TPP is that we can still stop it, and that the timing is actually on our side. A Congressional vote on this beast can’t be scheduled until next year — at which point we’re in the heart of election season. With your help, we can make sure a majority of elected officials listen to constituents rather than the job offshorers.


  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was written in secret by and for the corporations like Wal-Mart, Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, Halliburton, Philip Morris, GE, GM, and Apple with 600 lobbyists reviewing and commenting on the text.
  • TPP will make it even easier to roll back regulations that protect workers, communities and the environment.
  • The TPP threatens to outsource American jobs, remove environmental and food safety regulations, restrict internet privacy, and allow corporations to sue over any law or regulation they claim could affect their future profits.