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One of our nation's most progressive states, Hawaii was the home of former ADA national president Patsy Mink. The state's governor, Neil Abercrombie, served on the board of the local chapter.  ADA Hawaii works to ensure that Democrats elected in this heavily Democratic state represent the liberal wing and tradition of the party.

Hawaii ADA Racks Up Wins in Rare 2014 Bright Spot

(NOV 5) Successfully resisting a national conservative tide, progressive candidates in Hawaii won on Election Day, and Hawaii ADA can take some of the credit. Though a well-funded Republican with plenty of name recognition made a race of the Congressional contest centered on Honolulu, the Democrat wound up with the victory, some part of which could be attributed to the thousands of phone calls generated by Hawaii ADA. Similarly, two state legislators--champions of LGBT rights--survived challenges, thanks in part to the chapter's backing. Read more.

ADA Works Surprisingly Tight Congressional Race

(OCT 29) Belying Hawaii’s reputation as the politically bluest of states, the race for the 1st Congressional seat centered on Honolulu between Democrat Mark Takai and Republican Charles Djou was revealed by a recent poll as a head heat. Hawaii ADA president John Bickel confirmed: “It will be a fight.” It’s a fight ADA has entered, reaching out to voters to contrast and compare the policies of the progressive Takai and the conservative Djou. Members canvassed recently in a low-income sections of the district. Read more.

Chapter Touts Endorsements to Members

(OCT 15) Hawaii ADA sent a newsletter to its members over the weekend focused on the chapter's endorsed candidates. Three hopefuls received particular attention: the progressives running for governor, U.S. Senator, and a tightly contested U.S. House seat.

Unexpectedly Tight Race in First District Congressional

(OCT 1) Republicans don’t usually stand much of a chance in Hawaii, a state as blue as the surrounding Pacific. But there’s a real race this year for the Congressional seat that includes the capital of Honolulu. Four years ago, Republican Charles Djou exploited the state’s open primary system and won the seat in a special election that split the Democratic vote. He was beaten a few months later in a head-to-head match-up, but now he’s back and, with plenty of name recognition and cash, a real threat. Read more.

Hawaii ADA Defends Marriage Equality Champions

(SEP 17) Marriage equality champions in the state legislature are being threatened by a religious extremist backlash and Hawaii ADA is riding to the rescue. A PAC co-sponsored by the local chapter is contributing funds to two state house members who supported the marriage measure but are now facing well-funded conservative challengers. Chapter president John Bickel reports ADA members this past weekend also canvassed for one of the legislators, whose district is in the Honolulu area.

Hawaii U.S. Senate Win Is Proof of Liberal Moment

(AUG 20) ADA-backed progressive Brian Schatz's win last week over the hand-picked successor of local political icon Daniel Inouye in the Hawaii U.S. Senate Democratic primary is proof that residents of the Aloha State, like all Americans these days, are looking for democratic action. Endorsed candidates of ADA Hawaii and a local liberal partner, as well as the PAC they jointly run, racked up an impressive winning percentage--the progressive wing of the dominant Democratic party will most likely maintain control of the state legislature as a result. Most shocking among the results was the 36-point loss by incumbent Democratic governor Neil Abercrombie. But he had clashed with important components of the liberal coaltion (teachers, seniors), and in deep blue Hawaii, that's enough to hand you a big loss. Final results were delayed by a tropical storm that raked the east coast of the Big Island on Election Day, forcing residents there to wait a week before casting their ballots. Read more.