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Americorps No. 113

Adopted 1994
Amended 1995
Reaffirmed 1996
Reaffirmed 1997
Amended 1998
Reaffirmed 1999
Reaffirmed 2001
Amended 2002
Amended 2003
Amended 2004

ADA applauded the 1993 passage of the National & Community Service Trust Act (Americorps), which incorporated many principles contained in an earlier ADA National Service resolution. In 1995, the Republican Congress threatened the existence of Americorps by proposing to cut the budget to zero. The Bush Administration appears to support expanding Americorps, though we need to be vigilant to oppose diverting funding to the ill-advised faith-based initiative.

Like the Peace Corps, which has provided an opportunity for young Americans to serve their country by helping disadvantaged people around the world, Americorps is a program designed to help the less fortunate within our own borders. This program helps the recipients of the services and helps the country by raising another generation of Americans committed to the notions of public service and civic responsibility. Far from being "coercive volunteerism" or "pork," Americorps is a refinery for our nation's most important natural resource, the leaders of tomorrow. In its brief history, Americorps has helped teach inner city and rural youth, improve community services, and rebuild community facilities.

Therefore, ADA urges Congress:

  1. To continue funding for this innovative, future-oriented program.
  2. To expand support with adequate funding for 100,000 participants per year.

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No. 113

Social and Domestic Policy Commission