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Priority Action Items

Adopted 2007 (Topical)

       Restoring the Impartiality and Integrity of Federal Service and the Judicial System.

        ADA opposes the corruption and politicalization of the federal service and the judicial system. ADA opposes the abuse of the Justice and the Homeland Security Departments for narrow ideological and partisan purposes at the expense of our civil liberties and rights as well as the public’s confidence in its government and elections. ADA opposes the Bush Administration’s partisan briefings in government agencies with the objective of influencing election outcomes in favor of Republicans in clear violation of the Hatch Act. And ADA opposes the unconstitutional use of presidential signing statements to usurp the legislative power of the Congress and destroy the Constitutional system of checks and balances.

Protecting our Constitutional Right to Vote. 

         The fairness and integrity of elections is basis to the democratic polity. Everyone’s right to vote – and the right to have everyone’s vote counted- must be ensured. Most of the proposals for voter identification and felon disenfranchisement are thinly disguised attempts to suppress the vote of minorities and the young. Such suppression strategies are unconstitutional and must be stopped. The obscene power of money in elections distorts the electoral process and undermines public confidence in democracy and should be replaced with a system of public campaign financing. Restoring public confidence in the democratic process along with other reforms will go a long way towards increasing voter turnout.

Preserving our Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. 

         ADA is committed to preserving, protecting and defending our constitutionally guaranteed liberties to speak, read, and view that we choose. Preserving our right to privacy and due process of law is essential. These liberties are especially important when our country’s security and values are being challenged. All Americans must be protected from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, disability, age and sexual orientation.

Investing in our Communities.

        ADA advocates reversing the Bush Administration’s draconian reductions in support for American communities. If we are to fulfill our moral obligation as well as remain competitive in the global economy, we must help our communities to meet their needs for low-and moderate income housing, public education, crime prevention, work force preparation and economic development, mass transit, infrastructure, health care and social services.

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