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Presidential Nominating Process No. 238A

Adopted 2000
Reaffirmed 2001
Amended 2003
Reaffirmed 2004
Amended 2005
Reaffirmed 2006
Reaffirmed 2007

ADA calls on the Democratic National Committee to reform the presidential nominating process by taking the following steps:

  1. No caucus state may begin its presidential nominating process before March 1.
  2. No primary state may begin its presidential nominating process before April 1.
  3. Caucus states may conduct their process at any time between March 1 and mid-June.
  4. From April 1 to mid-June, the DNC shall assign a certain number of specific dates - perhaps 6 - for the holding of presidential primaries in such a manner as to prevent the front-loading of the nomination process. The states selected will be rotated quadrenially so no state or groups of states would always be first.
  5. Only a limited number of delegates should be elected in, or bound by, the primaries on any given date.


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No. 249A
Political and Governmental Commission