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Civilian Police Review Boards No. 218

Adopted 1991

Amended 1992

Reaffirmed 1993

Reaffirmed 1994

Amended 1995

Reaffirmed 1996

Reaffirmed 1998

Reaffirmed 1999

Reaffirmed 2001

Revised 2003

Reaffirmed 2004

Amended 2005

Reaffirmed 2006

Reaffirmed 2007


        The police provide a vital service for our communities under frequently difficult working conditions.

        At times, officers must use force for the good of the people, and to protect and serve them.

         At other times, the police have been used as a means to stifle and oppress the poor and minorities, as well as political dissidents and others who do not support certain government policies.

         Americans for Democratic Action calls upon all cities and other jurisdictions to establish civilian review boards, no member of which shall be an employee or in any way retained by the Police Department, with the following minimum powers and authority:

  • Independent funding and staff, free from police involvement;
  • Independent power to investigate charges of abuse or misconduct;
  • The power to recommend discipline and discharge of officers for misconduct.                                              

# # #   No. 218 Politics and Government Commission