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Topical Resolution on the Employee Free Choice Act No. 364A

Adopted 2007
            Passage of the EFCA is an essential step in empowering American workers to take control of their own lives, and to rebuild the middle class.
            Key components:
  • Labor’s commitment to rebuild the middle class
  1. Build income fairness
  2. Forge a short-term, mid-term and long-term strategy to restore a sustained middle class in America, while building global partnerships.
  • Labor has focused on the employee-free choice act in the United States
  •  Majority sign-up – when 50%+1 sign authorization cards, the union will be certified by the NLRB as the bargaining agent. This triggers the collective bargaining process, which ultimately will result in a contract. 
  •  First contract negotiation – arbitrator will review the last and best proposal of each party, and the arbitrator then selects the best proposal which will be the contract for two years.
  •  Real monetary penalties for violations of the NLRA from the beginning to the conclusion of the process.
          It’s the workers’ choice.
# # #
No. 364A
Energy, Environment and Economic Policy Commission