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“...the power of the power of the people don’t stop!”

The ADA Story

Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) is the nation’s most experienced organization committed to liberal politics, liberal policies, and a liberal future.   For generations, ADA members have worked to transform our country economically, socially, and politically.  ADA members stood on the front lines of the movement for civil rights, workers’ rights, women's rights, tax justice, and economic equality, while along the way demanding that Congress represent the middle class and working families, not just the billionaire class.

ADA & System Change

For generations ADA leaders have been at the forefront of historic struggles to change our broken political system, including the most recent movement of Senator Bernie Sanders to create a political revolution.  Local ADA chapter leaders were instrumental in recruiting Senator Sanders for his presidential bid, and throughout the campaign ADA volunteers stood by the Senator’s side as he inspired millions of Americans to participate in their Democracy.  ADA leaders realize that a political revolution isn’t about one candidate, one campaign, one election or even one issue.  A revolution doesn’t happen overnight or even over a year.  A political revolution arises from dedication progressives have to our values and is pushed forward by the hard work we do to make our political and economic systems once again responsive to the needs of working families.

Progressive values are what have driven Senator Sander’s lifelong work for political change and these values are shared by ADA leaders alike.  Now ADA is committed to ensuring that progressive values remain at the forefront of the political debate by challenging progressives to unite behind the ADA Pillars of Progress (POP) by taking the “ADAPOP Pledge.”   

The Pillars of Progress (POP) Pledge

Progressives, including Senator Sanders, Secretary Clinton, and many others, need all who share a commitment to a political revolution to join them in the effort - inside and outside of Washington.  Join ADA now to take action on key issues, elect true progressive voices at all levels, and hold our elected officials accountable. We can expand our revolution but we must do it together.

Click here to take the POP Pledge and be a part of local and/or national efforts to build the political revolution.  

Click here to nominate a local candidate for office who embodies the Pillars of Progress and the spirit of the POP Pledge.


Take the POP Pledge!

I pledge to stand together with progressives across the country to ensure that our dream of a political revolution is realized.  I will work with progressive candidates, ADA, and other allies to enact the following Pillars of Progress:

      End to corporate dominance of our government;

      End to inequity of wealth and income;

      End to the war on drugs;

      End of the cycle of endless war;

      End to college debt;

      End to the lack of job opportunities;

      End to outrageous healthcare costs;

★   End to voter suppression!

After taking the ADAPOP pledge you will be connected to a network of leading progressives who are working to contact voters in key electoral states.  ADAPOPers are building our democracy by engaging diverse voters who are essential to progressive victories.  Volunteers are working to rally the vote for progressives up and down the ticket, including working in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, California, and others. Once the election season has concluded, ADAPOPers will then hold electees accountable to be the progressive political leaders we envision.  Join us elevating the political consciousness and transforming American politics.  

Take the ADAPOP Pledge Today!