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Letters to the Editor

The letters below are available for ADA members to submit to their local papers.  Simply select the letter you want to send, fill in your zip code and ADA's system will ask you to which of your local papers you wish to send the letter.

You will be able to customize the letter however you wish and we encourage you to do so.  Local papers are much more likely to run your letter if you relate it to a recent story or issue of concern to your community. 

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The Real Class Warfare

Despite persistent claims to the contrary, conservative fiscal schemes have functioned as de facto instruments of class warfare. The radical upward redistribution of wealth that naturally attended the drastic tax cuts of the previous decade not only exacerbated existing economic, social, and political inequalities, but also indirectly burdened entitlement programs that disproportionately benefit the poor and middle class via the deficit. Allowing the Bush-era tax cuts to expire for the wealthiest 2% of Americans (while maintaining those that benefit the other 98%) this December would not only help narrow the divide between the haves and have-nots, but also alleviate some of those fiscal pressures confronting Social Security and Medicare.

Help redefine the debate over taxes and class!

Kickstarting Our Economy

Allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire for the nation's wealthiest citizens this winter would not only grant the federal government greater leverage in mitigating the deleterious effects of both rising income inequality and the budget deficit; it would also allow for the utilization of otherwise inert capital in ways which could benefit the economy as a whole. With corporations and financial institutions refusing to employ their considerable assets to kickstart the economy, it is imperative that the government raise revenue and stimulate the economy through public investments.

Support a more rational and equitable fiscal path by sending this letter to your local newspaper.

Supporting the Real Job Creators

If there's one lesson Americans should've learned over the last thirty years, it's that tax breaks for the wealthy have seldom led to sustained job growth. Indeed, a healthy economy depends not on the individual successes of the rich, but rather on the collective fortune of ordinary consumers without whom even the most powerful private institutions could not exist. Extending tax breaks for the 98% of Americans earning less than $250,000 a year would allow these same citizens to stimulate growth thorough their own purchases and investments.

Click here to advocate for those who really stimulate economic growth!

 Avoiding Economic Catastrophe

Paul Ryan's presence in the Presidential campaign can only signify the continued reverence paid by Republicans to the right's radical tax agenda. Despite a dismal record, Ryan and his ilk seek to follow the same well-trod fiscal path of upward redistribution of wealth and budget cuts for the poor and the middle class. Allowing tax cuts to expire for the wealthy this winter would go a long way in stymieing these designs and putting America back on the road to full financial and political health.

Help defeat Paul Ryan's radical fiscal agenda!

 Aiding Small Business

While Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and a host of other conservative politicians and pundits have spent an inordinate amount of time this election season decrying the fate of “small business,” their shared wish to extend tax cuts for the 3% of businesses earning over $250,000 a year betrays their predilections for concentrated wealth. A broad-based, healthy economy will require a fiscal agenda which both fairly taxes those companies which have had the good fortune of riding out the recession and extends tax breaks for those which are truly in need of assistance.

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Fixing Our Fiscal Burden

The expiration of Bush-era tax cuts for the nation's wealthiest citizens this year will present President Obama with a golden opportunity to both address budget shortfalls while simultaneously extending financial relief for the middle and working classes. Not only would this be fiscally prudent; it would also be the right move ethically. Laying additional fiscal burdens on the already struggling would only serve to endager the already precarious financial situations of working Americans.

Click here to advocate for saner and more equitable fiscal policies!

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