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Political Action Committee

Americans for Democratic Action's Political Action Committee (ADA/PAC) works to elect liberals to the United States House of Representatives and Senate.  ADA/PAC is supported by people - like you - who believe government should work for everyone, not just special interests or people with lots of money.

ADA/PAC is funded mostly by people who give less than $100 and because we are a Federal PAC, we cannot accept donations greater than $5000.  Yet, thanks to our members’ generosity, ADA/PAC has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to candidates who support our values.

To maximize every dollar we receive, ADA/PAC prioritizes incumbents in close races and challengers who are women or minorities in marginal districts.

If you believe every American deserves a voice on Capitol Hill, consider supporting ADA/PAC.

We guarantee it will be money well spent.

Donate to ADA to support the ADA/PAC

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