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Iowa ADA Endorses in U.S. House Race

Iowa ADA endorsed U.S. House 1st District Democratic candidate Pat Murphy yesterday, the first primary endorsement in the chapter's history. But Murphy's progressive record--on marriage equality, health care, consumer protection and a host of other issues--is that good. Plus, ADA organizer Chris Schwartz can vouch for Murphy's character, having known him since Schwartz was a kid. Murphy's prospects look bright for the June 3 primary, but the general election could well be tougher.

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The Full Costs of Contracting Out Government Services

Conservative politicians often praise the “free-market,” while they denigrate the state, local and federal governments that they pretend to lead. Paying private companies to deliver public services is commonly promoted with such rhetoric. However, both taxpayers and responsible politicians are realizing that this rhetoric has little to do with reality.


Budget Reveals the Radical Nature of Republican Priorities

Paul Ryan’s latest offering to the budget-austerity god’s passed the House last week along strictly partisan lines. Budgets are statements of priorities. The Ryan budget offers the nation a clear view of what is at stake in the fall elections. It demonstrates the GOP’s priorities. It shows, in stark relief, what the Republicans would do to main street America, if they could.  Continue reading.


Offshore Manufacturing Shift Contributes to Declining U.S. Living Standards

Organized labor and its liberal allies have long argued that the shift of U.S. manufacturing overseas has contributed to the decline in American living standards.For decades, both Democratic and Republican officials in Washington have been deaf to such arguments. However one official government report, which recently came to light, has finally conceded this truth. Continue reading.


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