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Wonks & Warriors Summit

Americans for Democratic Action is thrilled to invite you to the “Wonks and Warriors Summit” to be held January 30 – February 1, 2014 at the Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, D.C.

This event is for local activists who want to get involved and learn more ways to make a difference in their communities. Panels and breakout sessions will focus on a variety of issues including; building a progressive base, online activism, and organzing for victory.


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President Obama should fire John Brennan

President Obama says torture is not who we are. He should begin the slow process of proving that by firing John Brennan, his chief torture apologist.


Beware of that Empty Word “Reform”!

“Reform” has become an empty word into which different sides pour different meanings, while inequality is something everyone talks about, and nobody does anything about. Unlike the weather, inequaIity is something we can do something about, and our unfair tax system is one place to start by distinguishing tax fairness and tax “reform.”


Gas Prices Low – So Raise the Gas Tax Now

The Transportation bill that usually had broad bipartisan support is stalled in Congress. Our roads won’t be repaired; public transit won’t be funded; states will be starved for transportation funds; millions of jobs will be lost. All because Republicans in Congress are averse to increasing taxes to pay for anything at all, and too many Democrats are playing along.


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