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Keith Ellison for DNC Chair

By Clifford J Tasner, SoCal ADA


After a crushing defeat, it’s helpful to delve into what went wrong so any rebuilding effort will not replicate past failures.  Looking into the Democratic Party’s defeat this last November, we can certainly agree that Russian hacking, James Comey and a whole lot of disenfranchisement on the part of Red State governors played a role.   That may partly explain the presidential loss, but it doesn’t speak to the over 900 legislative seats nationwide that went from Blue to Red since President Obama got elected in 2008.


Make Government Suck Article on HuffPost

ADA National Director, Don Kusler, has published an article on Huffington Post to accompany the Make Government Suck video produced by SoCal ADA leader Clifford J. Tasner.


What do Republicans mean by "deregulate"?

 Let's demand that Republicans explain what they would deregulate.


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